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I’ve had a very full week and am so glad it’s Friday.  What’s been going on you ask?  Well…

Sunday we had a tile making workshop here for the Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption group.  It was great fun and we made lots of unique greyhound themed tiles.  

Wednesday I delivered a pottery order to the folks at the Love from Minnesota stores.  They are opening a new store in Ridgedale Mall and will be carrying my pottery in the store.  After it opens, I hope to get a photo of my pots in the store.  That was super exciting!

The previous Friday, I’d done an interview with one of the local papers in SE Minnesota regarding the Empty Bowls project coming up November 11th in Harmony, Minnesota.  The article was published on Wednesday as well.  Here is a link to that article.  I was sort of hoping to keep the part where I peek in the kiln when Kevin isn’t around a secret, but I guess my secret is out there for everyone to know.  🙂 (I’ll bet everybody who knows me already knew that anyway)


Last night I loaded a bisque kiln of all the tile pieces and lots of other things. Today I set up for a craft fair at Dakota Electric Association in Farmington, MN and tomorrow we are there bright and early for the morning rush of deer hunting widow weekend sales.  So much to do, so little time.

All that in addition to working 40+ hours at my “real job”.  I think I should take advantage of my little bit of quiet time this evening to kick back, do some quiet reading while sipping a Big Ginger (here is the recipe if you’d like to join me).

Have a great weekend everybody.

p.s. don’t drink & drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!