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This is part of a series explaining some things non-potters might not know about being a potter. 

#2 Matching is over rated

Lots of non-potters assume that potters have made full sets of dinnerware and/or bakeware for their own kitchens.  Fact is, many potters are collectors of other potters work and would much prefer a kitchen filled with amazing pieces of various shapes, sizes, colors and firing techniques.  

I have some pieces I’ve made in my cupboard, but they’re usually seconds and none of them match.  My family makes daily use of beautiful pieces from Lori Watts, Brandon Phillips, Becky Brandow, Joy Tanner, Will Baker, Sarah Dudgeon, Nate and Hallie Evans, Dawn Makarios, Sarah McCarthy, Colleen Riley, Donovan Palmquist, Heidi Haugen, Paul and Denise Morris and so many more.  Right now, this cupboard looks kind of bare, I think they are all hiding in my son’s room. 🙂

Once upon a time, I had a matching set of  Fiestaware, but matching is so over rated.  I much prefer a mismatched collection of handmade beauty by amazing artists from all over the country. 

What’s in your cupboard?  Does it reflect what you value?