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My husband and I have been on vacation for the past week. Not traveling, but not going to our day jobs which is how any good vacation begins anyway. Even though we didn’t go to work each morning, we spent the time working really hard on other things. I delivered pottery to Clover Gallery in Harmony and then spent most of the rest of the week at our studio (Old Crow Studio) in southeastern Minnesota.

Early in the week we sealed the concrete slab in the kiln shed, which sounds pretty harmless. But I managed to get the sealer on my sandals, so rocks stuck to them and then got the sealer between my toes and the sandals so my feet were stuck to the sandals. Sometimes I forget not everything is as easy to wash off as clay. My toes still shine!

After that fun, we painted the studio. When we’d built it several years ago, the beige paint color we’d chosen was nearly identical to the primer that came on the siding so we could hardly tell where we’d painted. Now the paint and primer have aged and faded in the sun and you could see all the places we didn’t paint or have good coverage. So this time we chose a very different color. It was a lot of work, but I really like it. Of course this involved me getting paint on my toes and sandals (and just about everything else) again. Fortunately, that was the extent of complicated work for the week. Then it was throwing some pots, picking berries for jelly and breakfast at the Highland Store. We had a bumper crop of wild black raspberries this year. I could have picked for days, but one family can only eat so much jelly.

Tomorrow it’s back to the day jobs again to earn some cash.

Be well.