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you should listen!!

So… after leaving my full-time job at the beginning of the year, I’ve been working part-time as a contractor for my former employer until they have a new hire in place.  With the additional studio time I’ve had available I’ve been busy making lots of the pieces that potters sell lots of – cups, mugs, bowls, baking dishes, those kinds of things. And while there is always a touch of creativity in them for the most part they don’t feel like a creative task to me.  

At the end of my work week yesterday, I was in a little funk, feeling like I really needed a creative kick in the pants and should take a break from the inventory building phase I’ve been in to do a few more creative pieces for a while. Of course I didn’t get right into that and instead decided on getting take out from a local Asian restaurant.

Apparently… the universe thinks I should be spending my studio time more creatively too.  Today’s activities will including finishing up the things I already have on drying boards, yoga, grocery shopping and then back in the studio for some creative work.

Hope you have a creative day as well.