I’ve notice that I tend to always use my Brandon Phillips mugs out of the cupboards first. The wide handles feel great in my hand. So when making my own mugs lately, I’ve focused on making much wider handles than I’ve made in the past. And I really like the results.

Our styles are very different, but I really like the adaptation of the wider handle on mugs. There are a couple dozen mugs on drying boards and hopefully, I’ll have a couple dozen more after this weekend.

Mugs & stuff

I spent a little time this morning pulling handles for a couple dozen mugs I made earlier this week. Many potters hate making mugs because they don’t like making handles. It’s definitely not my favorite thing to do, but I’ve got a process now that works better for me so I don’t hate making them.

Because it’s about -14 outside today (that’s said 14 below if your from a place that doesn’t see temps like that), I’ve got my faithful companion Snuffles in the studio for the day. She’s a funny dog, but very demanding of attention. Silly puppy.

This afternoon, I’m working a shift at the Market on Oak with my friend Janie. It’s a little slow after the holidays but we have fun and there are delicious chocolates to snack on!! Stop in and see us if you out and about in the frigid Minnesota weather. There are lots of new Spring items to help you forget the cold and snow.

Be well and keep warm.

Oblong Baker

A previous customer dropped an oblong baker I’d made for them a few years ago and asked if I’d make a new one. As happens with so many things, my style and techniques evolve over time. Here is the new baker I’ve made for them. I think the handles are much larger than the ones I made years ago and I much prefer the foot. Old pieces would have had a very squared point where the side and bottom of the pot meet. I never really liked that and have focused on making that joining much more subtle by creating a ridge feature instead. Even though it’s not the same as the one they had, I hope they’ll like the new, improved version.

Visit again and be well.